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    food-grade plastic 5-gal buckets

    We score ours for free at WalMart. Check at the bakery...they get their frosting in them and usually are happy to get rid of 'em.
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    Budweiser: It is Time.

    Kudos to you, Bud! The first step toward improvement is recognizing the need for it : ) I've never been much of a drinker, thank goodness, but I'm a nicotine junkie :( In the process of changing that now and by gum it's a hard thing! It does help though to find folk to hang around who don't...
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    We have Kits

    We also have a trio...SF's. We plan to breed them in a couple of weeks, so should have our first batch ready for freezer camp late June/early July. After researching all the methods for dispatch, we decided on a pellet's quick and pretty sure. I don't have a problem with the actual...
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    organic eggs!!!!

    CL is a great resource to see what they're going for in your area. Around here, $3/doz is about what folks get. That's what I charge for ours. I reckon they're considered "organic" since they don't get stuff to eat that's been treated with anything ;)
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    feeding on a multi livestock homestead

    We only have chickens and rabbits, but I make almost the same mix for them. I use oats, barley, and BOSS primarily. I did add beet pulp in the first batch but none of 'em will eat it :( So for the next batch, I'm going to leave it out and put in some wheat instead. I got one of the large...
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    Dehydrating Meat

    Thanks Moolie. Sounds like the trick may be the flaking. I did mine in chunks. Think I'll give it a try on just a small portion and see if I have better luck :)
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    Dehydrating Meat

    I've had great success dehydrating chicken doesn't re-hydrate well. My last effort was chicken soup. I put everything in the crockpot and let it go for about 8 hours...and the chicken was still tough. Any suggestions from you experienced folk?
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    Lehmans catalog, other catalog shopping

    Lehman's has some great stuff, and I've ordered from them...pleased with the service. But I've often seen the same things on other sites that are less $$. So, now if I see an item I'm interested in, I google it and see if anyone else has it cheaper....Amazon often does.
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    Cob Building

    Our soil here is mostly clay, so we'd have plenty of resource there, but at this point, we don't need to build anything, LOL. We've also been looking at's a really interesting idea...many of the advantages of cob, plus it's much lighter...and keeps lots and LOTS of paper out of...
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    What time should we be there? ;)
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    Anyone struggling to eat out or from grocery stores? any clean eaters?

    We haven't had any particular symptoms yet, but we're trying really hard to get into eating more "real" food, as we call it. Stuff that hasn't been pesticided and innoculated and hormoned and engineered. It can be done, but it's ridiculous that it costs sooooo much more! And oddly enough...
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    You've definitely got the right idea Moolie. In this busy day and age and when the kids are developing more things away from home, every opportunity to spend time together is one to jump on. Plus, they'll learn a lot of skills without even realizing'll just be a fun activity :) And my...
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    What did you do to save $ today?

    Thanks! Cold season is about over for us, but this is something I'll definitely mix up to have on hand come fall....and of course will mix some up if a cold or sore throat crops up in the mean time :)
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    The best price I've found on CORNISH CROSS

    We have 6 red sexlinks and they're egg laying machines...we average 5 a day all summer and 2 or 3 per day now. They're rather small birds and don't have a lot of meat on them; when they quite laying we'll keep them for stewing, of course, but I sure wouldn't get them just for meat. Ours aren't...
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    What did you do to save $ today?

    You're more than welcome Corn Woman. I can't claim credit for the idea but I'm sure happy to share :) I plan to freeze the water for them too, but the tiles seemed like a grand idea since they can actually lay on the tile and get their tummies cool. With your access, you could get a couple...