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    Coronavirus Concern Up

    Prayers sent for your son, CC :hugs Hope this will pass him buy! If not, prayers sent anyway.
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    Hello from Virginia.

    Welcome to SS :frow Tell us a bit more about your place and plans and dreams...
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    New to the whole thing in California

    Welcome to the forum! :frow What are you planning to do, or doing on your property?
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    Remembering Sumi

    Hey everyone :frow I'm sorry I haven't updated here much over the last 2+ month! I've been spending a lot of time in hospital and after a bit of a break at home, more time in hospital, following radiotherapy treatment. The good news is that I'm "off" the treatment for a bit now :) I have to...
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome from Ireland :frow What are you growing and thinking of going this year?
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    Irish Red Ale

    That is a good label, but if you would like to, I can send you some pics you can choose from?
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    Irish Red Ale

    You had better send me some of this! Or bring me some ;)
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    Canadian flocks!

    Welcome to the forum :frow
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    The New Way Forward Act

    Thank you for your thoughts, everyone. I have read through the discussion and noticed that there are some head clashing brewing here now! :) We don't generally "allow" discussion on political subjects, leaders, etc, though I've been making an exception here lately, partly due to my health...
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    New Member Intro

    Welcome from Ireland :frow
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    Newbie from Down Under

    Welcome from Ireland :frow
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    Gruß Gott from Baveria Germany!

    Welcome! Great to see you over here :)
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    I'm gonna be a paw paw again :)

    Congratulations on the beautiful little one! 💕
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    Farts and Crafts. Wait, What?

    :welcome We'd love to hear (and see!) more about your ventures!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones too! :)