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Sep 29, 2014
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Pellet stoves require electricity- something to keep in mind.
Our pellet stove will run off a deep cell battery - it is a wiring harness that attaches to the stove. Just open the side panel, pull out the wires and hook up the battery. Of course, you have to have a charged deep cell battery for that to work. We have 3 of them babies - they are for the boat and just sit in the basement all winter on a trickle charger.

We decided to go with a pellet stove over a wood stove because we are getting older and we used to heat our house with wood when we were in Wyoming. Didn't want to set ourselves up for cutting, splitting, stacking, hauling 8 cord of wood per year for the rest of our lives. Now we go to the store, buy 2 tons of pellets, they load them on our trailer. We drive home, use the pallet forks on the tractor to unload the pellets and place in the machine shed. Haul 6 bags on the ATV to the front porch as needed. Last winter, we loaded a pallet of pellets on our front porch for the winter - it worked great! we have 6 bags left, :( Time to go buy more.

I can dump a 40 lb bag of pellets in the stove every day and be good to go without having to chuck wood into the wood stove every couple of hours. Hated getting up at 1 am to stoke the fire.

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