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Mar 10, 2012
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I feel so bad for all your mud. I hope your sunny days are able to dry a good part of it up.
Ahhhh - thanks! It's not any fun for 2 or 4-footed creatures. It'll dry up eventually and then we'll be asking for rain again.

wow, y'all sure aren't exaggerating... :th
Nope - this is my life, lol.

A lot of that muddy mess was my fault. I drug the old hay out from under the shelter and made it muddier than it had to be. However, the new bale won't fit under the cover unless I scrape it down. That meant I had to go over that area a couple times more than I would have liked. When I finally got the bale near where I wanted it to go I sat it down about a foot short of where it needed to be. Thought I could push it in with the FEL - that didn't happen - even with 4 wheel drive. Ended up turning around again, picking up the bale again, and moving it that way. That made way too many trips through that muddy area. Hopefully I can smooth it out some when it finally does dry up.

Goats don't need to walk through that area - thank goodness. They stick right up near the barn. Babies can still make it to their playground (the benches and tires) without going through the mud too.