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May 14, 2017
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I once dealt with a car salesman like that. Hubby and I went together, and when the salesman started his spiel to hubby, hubby told him, "My WIFE is shopping for a car. SHE will be choosing the car, SHE will be paying for it. You need to be talking to HER." Salesman continued directing his spiel towards hubby. Finally, after he'd extolled the virtues of the car we were looking at, he turned to me, and stated: "It has lumbar cushioning in the seat." As he pointed to the bump in the upper seat back, where it would have landed in my mid thoracic region. I pointed this design flaw out to him, and he argued the point. Then, the moron goes to the rider side, opens the door, pulls down the visor, and... in his crowning moment of salesmanship, he stated: "And, LOOK!!! It has a vanity mirror!!!" I tore up his business card in front of him, and we went elsewhere to shop.

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