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Dec 30, 2019
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Hello all,
I e already asked a few questions but this prompt keeps popping up so I figured I’d get it over with now.
Family of 6, with 8 8-week old hens (hopefully) living in South Eastern Pennsylvania.
Much more suburban than I’d like honestly. Too noisy and busy for me anymore.
We have a pretty decent front and back gardens which I’ve mostly abandoned to our largish (by suburban standards anyway) vegetable garden. Roughly 245 sq feet of raised garden bed space. It’s a lot to manage especially with a 3 year old at home all the time.
We put up a hoop house this fall/winter for the first time, which has been a major challenge thanks to voles.
Hoping to enjoy our current location until our kids go off to college and then we buy a few acres and go as off the grid and self sufficient as my husband will allow!
So hello everyone! 👋
Welcome to the forums. Yeah... I know how difficult it is having kids around.. had an experience with that.. transgered