Out with the Old, In with the New


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Dec 24, 2018
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hope your ankle is doing ok now. :)
It still hurts a little after two months almost. Can still see some swelling but I can walk on it so not worried.
On another note......guess what happend to me on the route Tuesday? I was about halfway done when I went to turn around in this driveway to deliver a package......when to my shock.....the original drivers side steering wheel fell off!
I couldn't turn. The cable stretching between the original drivers steering wheel and the new one was off, too. I tried putting it back on to finish my turn but it kept falling off.
I called my mechanic and he sent his son and another guy from the garage to fix it.
They were able to put it back on and get it to hold long enough to drive into town to O'Reilley's to get a bolt that attaches the steering wheel to the driving column.
When they were trying to get the steering wheel back on, they had noticed it was missing. We looked but couldn't find it.
I could not believe the steering wheel fell off! Im glad I wasn't driving 60 miles an hour down the main highway when it happened!
Sooooo.....it's back at the shop......again. I think someone is trying to tell me something.