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Mini Horses

Super Self-Sufficient
Sep 2, 2015
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coastal VA
Way back in the day, government surplus foods were used to provide food supplements to folks with need. Peanut butter, beans, flour, cheese, pasta and such were passed out.
Yep. Lotts of white bags with one or two words...flour, sugar, cornmeal, etc. You just went and got it.

I fully believe that SNAP should have the same restrictions as WIC.
Something similar would work....I'm for it!

Woo Hoo for a three day weekend! Oh wait... every day is a weekend for me. :celebrate
:lol: Rub it in, rascal! I have 5 days off again....this slow season is sure nice and tempting. I'm working on my retirement, as you know. So, tempting but, this slowdown tells me its very possible. I will go thru our Spring reset season...busy!!! But, profitable. LOL. Isn't your b'day this month???