What did you do in your garden today?


Almost Self-Reliant
May 14, 2022
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SW, Michigan - Zone 6a
My peppers are in a don't know what to do stage. Tomatoes I think have stopped and plants are king of brownish. Too much water? I can't stop the rain. Will have to get some umbrellas and put one on top of each plant.😇
Corn is yellowing some but can ser some babies sprouting out. Did nothing outside today but help hub chase a snake that I notice near the burning rubbish. The storm of the 25th left me with a lot of branches fallen so he came to burn them all. He needed some gas for the mower and as I an giving him the money, saw the snake near the pile. He chased it way back to the fence and was able to hit in the head with a shovel. It was about 4ft long black and fat. He put it in the burning pile. Some fresh jerky, 😋
I spent all day organizing the office/craft/guest room. Have a market on Tuesday so I need to get all the stuff back in the shelves. My granddaughter asked me for a kirby bag charm and I searched it and made bug ones too. They came out pretty good for market,lol 20240706_182011.jpg