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    New Banner

    Yeah ...The new banner looks really nice !
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    I got a lead on a job! ~DH's job Saga Continues...

    Either way this is great for you !!! Good Luck !
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    South Louisiana Newbie

    Hi Ray..... Looking forward to hearing more about you.
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    My mom's Salvation Army find

    I love to thrift shop also. One time I found these amazing name brand jeans in my size. I went to try them on and put my hands in the pockets to stretch them and found 2 20 dollar bills folded up !!! Needless to say I bought those jeans !
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    Cute pictures !!
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    I am a sprouting fool!!!

    I looove sprouts on a sandwich !!!! I have always wanted to grow them and this is inspires me to know its so easy to do. I will have to look into it a bit more. Do you have any pictures? Thanks
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    Im glad to see this post. Someone in my neighborhood gets deliverys from Schwans and I always wonder if I should too. Seeing this post is a definet help with that decision, I cant imagine them at the door knocking and knocking LOL
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    Cream cheese icing

    I love cream cheese frosting !! YUM
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    Coyotes are so bad you cant let your cats out, nothing else for them to eat. Im so sad for your about your kitten. awwwwww
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    The Seahound's Self Sufficient Journal

    A little bit more about me My names Cheri Im 37 and have no kids other than my dog and cat. I live a simple life in a not so simple environment. I would rather live in the country ( someday ) I workdays with weekends and holidays off. i enjoy gardening, boating, cooking ( eating LOL )...
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    We woke up to a real "Treat" this morning!!

    Shes a beauty !!!!!! Congratulations !
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    PotterWatch's Burrow

    I just looked at your remodel album !!! WOW you did alot of remodeling. What a beautiful new kitchen you have .. I love the red walls also !!
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    Punkins' world....SUNSHINE, seeds and no more drought!

    You have a great setup with the greenhouse and coops' Your coops are beautiful !! Those are some lucky chickens !
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    Morel's Country Cottage Wow! What a weekend! Fires, chemical spills

    Morelcabin I was just looking at your webpage. You have a beautiful family and I love your LOGHOME !!! Its very beautiful !!