2023 Resolutions


Wild Hare
Nov 8, 2009
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USDA Zone 3b/4a
1. Do at least 3 virtual 5Ks. Maybe walk several in-person 5Ks to get over my fear of them.
2. Walk/jog/run 100 miles (treadmill counts).
3. Walk Splash 75 minutes/week for 8 weeks toward FIT Dog bronze title. (I started in 2022, and will have 4 or 5 weeks left).
4. Lose the 10# I gained in Sept-Oct 2022,
and another 5 - 10#. Goal weight 120 - 130.
5. Practice better (more frequent) self-care
6. Clean my basement and upstairs. Keep them clean?

7. Use what I already have. This applies to yarn and fabric stash, beauty and fitness items, dog gear, etc. I have plenty but forget about whatever is in storage.
8. Work on my dog training CEU. Possibly by writing a book. Complete FIT Dog instructor training for levels 2 and 3. Get my act together and teach some classes and/or start a FIT Dog club this summer.
I started working on #7 - using what I have. I'm currently working on some portraits I abandoned about 6-7 years ago because DS8 would sneak to my studio and smear the graphite.

I also went through dog gear. Lots I've been saving for teaching classes - I took those to work. Took my dog-related reference books to work too.

DH took a big box of hanging file folders from the basement to use at the new vet clinic. I have been wanting to get rid of those somehow!


Mr. Sensitive
Dec 22, 2010
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Well duh. Community pick up is tomorrow. When I called to check with the trash hauler, we can have up to 7 bags in addition to the can. Well that would have been nice to know over the summer.

Anyways, the wife suggested tossing a beat night stand that has been not in the house since she moved up here. That is out with the trash. I tossed some old plastic pots, which I have no idea why I have held onto them for 10 years. Since technically I am tossing more than her volume wise, I think that helps.

She has three garbage bags of clothes to donate. She also went through the kitchen cabinets to toss outdated food. Twas a good day

The hole in the garage is bigger