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Nov 2, 2021
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My MRI and CT scan revealed no new growth on my spinal column so I’m probably fine for removal of the hardware that is holding me together. And I was examined by another dentist who is in love with my 32 teeth and says I can keep them and start bone density treatments rather than have my wisdom teeth removed so he is now my favorite dentist. I don’t feel like having another surgery every week.
I have been going clean up in the orchard several times a week. Sometimes I can’t do much but I am getting stronger and the orchard is getting prettier.
My sister called me today and asked if DH could bring her to the cardiologist and I called her a little while ago and apparently they are eating out. Makes me happy that he took her to her appointment and to eat at a moment’s notice. She only has one child who, herself has 4 kids….some of which are very small.
I want to go to the orchard but I think we going to the movies because we have multiple girls birthdays 🤷‍♀️