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    what to do with a ton of apples

    Apple cider, apple cider vinegar, dried apple rings that can be made into pies later, apple chutney, apple roll ups ...
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    Grassfed beef, oops, meant to say Gummy Worm fed beef

    Wow, I knew this happened, but what a spin our media has put on it all--almost sounds reasonable and acceptable....but it's NOT!!!
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    Cleaning Cast Iron pans ?

    Can you please elaborate on this? I am having trouble picturing exactly how I would do this and how it works. Thanks.
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    Which wheat? Red? White? Hard? Soft?

    I used to buy wheat from the Mormon storehouse on Hafer in Spring Texas. There are only certain days that you can buy wheat, but it is good wheat. Call before you go so you know if the kind of wheat you want is in stock. I bought 6-10 bags at a time to make it worth my trip. Their canned dry...
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    Do any of you mess with kefir any more?

    I make water kefir. I found that I really preferred it to sit more like 72 hours. Then I poured it up and added lemon wedges squeezed and recapped it, sticking it in the refridge...tasted like hard lemonade and I found it very refreshing. I had an over abundance a couple of weeks ago because I...
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    Which wheat? Red? White? Hard? Soft?

    This is a good recipe for gluten free bread. If anyone has issues with gluten do not buy a used mill as these are virtually impossible to get gluten free once they have been used for wheat.
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    Manual laundry - one week and I'm tired of it!

    I would try to get to a store to buy a tub or bucket and gift it to your host when you leave. If you have woven clothing it should dry faster than anything knit.
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    What Grain Mill should I get?

    I hhave been very pleased with the K-tech that I have had for about 15 years. It is fast and has a large hopper in the bottom. The only downside is that it is loud, but I usually use it on the back deck.
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    In need of fruit trees and vines

    8a may be too cold and wet for olives. However, there is a guy in south Texas growing olives for olive oil and I thing you aught to be able to google "Texas olives" and track him down. He also sells olive trees. I think persimmons would do well also. Check out Lowes in January or early...
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    Clearing woods to make pasture for animals- can it be done?

    You can add your location by going into your profile. My suggestion is to go online to google earth and get current satellite imagery of your prospective property. Print off several copies. Then sit down with a highlighter and mark up several different plans for how to develop the property. I...
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    where to buy or make cloth sanitary napkins

    I used the 11 inch pattern here. Instead of sewing and turning it, I just made my stacks and surged the edges.
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    I think you might do well to be checked for gluten intolerance. Like others have said, stay away from starches, bread and grains.
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    Make your own kombucha scoby

    Cut it up in prices that they can swallow and they will get to business
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    Help needed to rid a house of cat hair and cigarette smoke!!

    Thank you so much!! The offer is being negotiated right now so hopefully it won't be long til we can get at it.
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    Help needed to rid a house of cat hair and cigarette smoke!!

    Wow, never heard of the black light thing! Also, I'll check out that other product. I'm assuming that washing down everything and running an air purifier will also help. Has anyone done anything with an ozone generator?