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    Bee~ Journal of then...

    Hey Bee and BB! Just thought I would pop in and say hello, sounds like you are quite busy! I am still afloat here in suburbia, dreaming of goats, homemade soap and a wood fire stove. Maybe some day :-) Hugs to all my old pals! Dace
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    Please watch my car

    What is that link? I pulled up and opened my sons email. I wouldnt advise anyone open this.
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    Strawberry Fields (Poisoned) Forever

    Wow way to go Arnold :smack
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    Need Garden advice First timer HELP!

    Yep, that is what I was gonna say :)
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    Book: Lost Art of Real Cooking

    That. Sounds like a fun book! Can you share a sample recipe?
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    FarmerDenise's journal - full on harvest time = busy, busy, busy

    Hey FD :frow Your garden is beautiful :). My DD will being going to Sonoma in the fall....isn't that somewhat near you?
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    :yuckyuck It was nearly completely red when I brought it in. I do have a few that I brought in early but all at least 80% red. I awesome others that were also from my various pots and they had lovely I am thinking it is just that this variety is a little bland. I'll use it for...
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    Pick your battles...the funniest blog post ever!

    Ohmigosh....that was hysterical! Although, I am doubting that they make it to 16 yrs.
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    Now I have a sick kitty p 5....

    Oh Free I am so sorry. Your kitty was very blessed to have had you to care for him all these years! :hugs
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    Hmmm, never heard of doing that, but I will give it a try!
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    Need some help. So I ate that big old beautiful mater last night and it was bland. :idunno It is a hybrid x heirloom (Brandywine x Better Boy). Is it the variety or the way that I have grown it that makes it so tasteless? It is in a pot and maybe it just gets too much water for good flavor to...
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    Now I have a sick kitty p 5....

    I hope Topie is advice, just wanted to send you a hug :hugs
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    Hen23's Journal~Goodbye

    Yay! Congrats :clap Enjoy your down time :thumbsup
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    Bimpnottin's Journal - OFG: Bacon scarf

    Hahaha....I thought the same thing! Bimpy, that wasn't too bad of a rant, it sounds like you have some self control :thumbsup
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    Lovin....dollar movies are a summertime thing around here. The theaters choose one or more days a week and open the movie up for $1. There is usually a big line and they play older movies,but it is a fun treat for the kids, especially. When it shot and summer starts to drag on. Hey Gina! When...