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    What pills have you quit taking, looking for alternatives?

    I have not tried this - it's my daughter's go to for carrying butter - mash up some really ripe bananas.. add an egg and some coconut flour.. she puts it in the waffle iron or an old George Forman grill, but I'm sure you could pancake it too and just cooks until it's sort of dry. Poof.. butter...
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    Opal's monster list

    thanks.. still nosing and poking about.. reading all sorts of old posts now.. from 07 and 08
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    Who reads what we write?

    I think I just peed myself LOLOLOL
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    Opal's monster list

    .. dunno if I'm going to end up with a journal but I like these list get to know ya things :) 01. Name? Opal (yeah.. my middle name) 02. Gender? Female.. menopausal but still gottem parts 03. Disneyworld or Disneyland? No thanks 04. What is your favorite color? Turquoise 05. What is your...
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    Fun internet game

    That's cool... took 38 questions to get Johnathan Frid.. first two guesses were Lou Ferigno and William Shatner bwhahahaha I can see myself wasting a lot of time messing with that little Genie
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    What's your favorite version of Star Spangled Banner?

    yeah baby! and Storm Large singing it.. anywhere. Do a youtube search for her.. knock yer socks off awesome voice
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    Any other ideas for a major sunburn?

    brew some regular tea.. cool the bag and use the bag of spent leaves. The tanic acid in tea leaves is supposed to help put out the fire too.
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    Old-Fashioned Vinegar Pie

    Not to monkey with a tried and true recipe.. but what do y'all think of using ACV instead of plain white vinegar.. I just got my first bottle of mother in ACV and am looking of interesting things to do with it.
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    Heeelp! Bread recipe

    I love making bread! I never put any fat in mine until my half Italian hubby said.. it neeeeeeeds olive oil. (well.. unless going nuts with onion rye or pumpernickle) Sometimes dry or canned milk, but like said above.. 3.5c flour, 1 water, about a tablespoon of salt and a scant table spoon of...
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    Ya all might wanna read up on EO13575.......

    *hesitates to post.. being such a newb here but I ... Can't... Help... Myself....* My first thought... how much ammo do we have right now? second.. Wait.. isn't congress on break? I was relaxed until a minute ago Third.. intrusion into states rights again.. not the feds job and all those...
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    How much do you spend on food?

    Our chickens don't get bedding.. they're perch critters.. it's the ducks that have bedding, and because it's on concrete the deep bedding thing doesn't drain and gets mildewy.. slippery and oh the flys... anyway.. I feel like I'm threadjacking here since this was about food costs .. *goes to...
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    How much do you spend on food?

    Re the food stamps or eq.. we tried.. VA comp disability at 100% P&T + SSDI put us over the amount of income to qualify, even though our mortgage payment went way up due to home owners insurance going up x3. What the social worker told me is that since I'm relatively able bodied, I should be...
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    How much do you spend on food?

    *dumbfounded expression* Evidently I spend WAY too much on food for just me and hubby.. 3 cats, 23 ducks and around 50 chickens. Our very first garden is just starting to produce so that should help but I'm sure we're over 25% of our income.. which is only disability money. My poultry...
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    Sufficient Self Member Map

    Sorry to resurect a zombie thread.. added myself.. Florida panhandle.. I think I even got the little pin labeled correctly
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    Essential Oils for MRSA infection?

    hi.. new here, just thought I'd post, I think that's ichthamal (spelling issue more than likely) My daughter used to call it ICKYmal.. also known by boil ease. One of my always in the house products.