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    I just lost my job yesterday :hit . Laid off indefinitely. I can try to bump someone because I have twelve years seniority. OR I can look for a diff job, but it has to have insurance. Remember the insurance question? Well, my meds cost $2500 a month and now I have no insurance. When one door...
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    I here ya on the inactivity thing, OH doesnt either. AND what does the last sentence on your post mean :P ????? The weather will be the same here thru til the middle of April :barnie
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    Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

    Wifezilla, :lol: I thought I was the only one who did this.......and I love Shaun of the Dead! I watch it every time it comes on. I do not think that our ending would be the same as those two boys tho LOL. I thought the show of Discovery about the Volcanic activity was good. My hubby hates...
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    Geez, I typed a lot!! :D
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    LOL, is that how you spell it Dac? My daughter was telling me on the phone and I, uhem, may not have been paying real close attention, *sigh* PP and keljonma, please take notice there is no grease, butter or shortening in the recipe. DO NOT ADD ANY!! Also, there is no added sugar YAY...
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    Thanks anyway keljonma, you too PP. I am just tring to get my ducks in a row before, ya know? Dac, she lives in Carrolltown, I do not know where that is compared to anything! I was going to try to get contact people in lower michigan (my brother) and in Ohio and whatever the next state is...
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    Donut Pudding

    You need to be need to have a pioneering attitude ON TO THE RECIPE lol buy 1 - 2 8ct or 12 ct stale donuts, any kind it doesnt matter Put about 4 eggs, about a cup of milk, some cinnamon, some vanilla into a bowl and mix well with a whisk. crumble in the stale donuts...
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    Bee~ Journal of then...

    Beekissed, thanks. I forgot to mention that they also get layers crumbles. (what is layers mash?) I have been giving them ACV since they were three weeks old ! I just need to start giving them more calcium as the shells are weak in some of the eggs. I have been saving eggshells so it is time I...
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    I picked up three wallpaper sample books...UPDATE PICS: what I did :)

    Oh these are all really good ideas!
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    Go to work, come home, go to work, come home, you get my drift. That is all there seems to be. Still have the toothache. I will have to live with it. The garlic clove did help but it came back cuz of me going out in the cold. The temps have been 0 during the day for the past week, dropping...
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    PamsPride's Journal-Free Kindle Downloads!

    PP, I just read your post from yesterday......I know exactly how you feel. I am so sorry. I feel that is just mean. I dont want to get you started on feeling bad, but I did want to tell you that. I think it is funny how good Christians can act like that. At least you do have us....:hugs LHA...
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    Keljonma can I ask how far from I-75 you are? The reason I am asking is.....I am going to see my daughter in Kentucky about the second week in Feb. I do not expect any problems but I would like to line up people I can call if my vehicle breaks down. Like I said, I foresee no problems, but it...
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    Another question to not ask on another forum.

    OOhhhh I dont think I could sell unwashed eggs....people are so spaz about where the egg comes from and poo and stuff, Bah :( Thanks B
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    Do you have name brands you are loyal to?

    Parkay Maxwell house coffee Miracle whip Heilmann mayonnaise
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    Bee~ Journal of then...

    Well Beekissed, I have a question for you. I am putting it here cuz I KNOW you will answer me to the best of your ability. Just glancing over the last few pages of your thread chickies poops are firm and well formed, I only give them cracked corn once a day to help warm them up. I...