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    Guess I'll try again.

    Thanks Ms Deb, my sarcasm and humor knows no bounds - I too am also degreed in chemistry, albeit a minor one, my beef with ~gd is more of a fun past time invoking the zeroth law rather then one of spite. I didn't mean to come back after a long hiatus and start trouble but an email had alerted...
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    Guess I'll try again.

    GD, for crying out loud - yes we get it, your're a chemist - now quit bringing up moles and big ass numbers, if you do then please explain them to us and quit belittling people. P.S. I loved your advice about burying the tomato plants deep in high heat.
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    Methane generators

    Thanks ronakbriquetting, as a self sufficient forum member I would appreciate the ingredients to your concoction, if it is proprietary then please contact the forum administrator and purchase a advertisement so we can continue sharing freely among ourselves.
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    Question on solar batteries, rust, and the meaning of life.

    I have read all the posts and they are correct, remember that most wet cell batteries are sulfuric by nature and the out-gas while in the absorption and equalization phase will corrode copper to drywall along with most other items... so vent your battery box outside the house.
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    Solar Heaters

    yes, it is called ammonia absorption, eta 100 years ago.
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    LED Light bulbs

    Jhad, not sure if I like your name or not but you are right about the construction of LED bulbs... The inversion of 120 VAC to 1.5 volt DC has a bit of a loss (heat), the ballast or electronics needed for the conversion requires the dissipation of E squared divided by R. The use of even the...
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    $5 Christmas Gift Exchange

    It might be best to just go out and get a new job, who needs that kind of headache...Call the NAACP, the ACLU, and the UN, I'd bet on my neighbors farm with the SPLC to boot - all of these are less than $5 plus they send a nice card.
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    Cannning JARS?????

    Big Brown House may just know what he is talking about. Water on average expands10% by volume. A quart jar will expand from 32 ounces to 35 ounces thus breaking or numbing the jar. Leaving a 10% head space is good sense but will not always work as water can also freeze in thermocline plugs long...
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    making the best of electric heat

    Hey Paul, I like all your tube videos and subscribe to them, but try to be a bit more specific or caring when talking so we all can learn more. By the way when you say 1500 watts are you just quoting the nameplate or actually doing the math? My 1500 watt heater that only consumes 25 watt / m...
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    What did you do to save $ today?

    Good answer
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    What did you do to save $ today?

    How do you get through the nine months of winter on a weeks worth of vegetables? Are you near BoomBay?
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    Save money in depressed times----

    Play by mountain man rules - wash once in the spring and then again in the fall, seems to have worked for the last many thousands of years,,, Didn't have ebola or aids back then, and the black plague doesn't count as that was caused by unemployed occupy wall street engineers.
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    Solar Generator--anyone know of these?

    A sleeping bag is only so warm - no mater how many pieces A 30 million year old fish/dog A Mexican lore comes true This is solar related because the sun heats up my Hazel girl
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    Who here has built their own Solar Panels?

    Hey weird dude face I knew what you meant, but what about the others who may stumble upon this thread and think it is ok to lick a toad?
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    Perhaps another in the OZ area may shed some more light, but in the USA you can pull them and unteach the crap given by liberal arts french fry graduates.