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    Gala Apples on Sale...what can I do with them?

    they are a good all purpose apple. applesauce, pie, cake, Ive always wanted to can apple pie filling but I never get it done.
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    Monsanto and Round-Up Ready Crops - Create Crisis

    Oh I know big business and especially chemicals are evil but when you have to kill weeds on 900 acres so you can grow crops and make a few $ profit there arent other options. Roundup works just fine here.
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    I dont sell much but the fees are so low I keep it going and I enjoy making things so it gives me some place to sell them. I do know a couple people who do a pretty good business. I think its about finding something unique or in high demand.
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    nice smelling fabric softner recipe?

    yes i agree I hang out all my laundry expect jeans and underware but I cant do it in the winter time
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    home school resources for special needs?

    My youngest child has developmental delays and attends a public school in a special education class room. I would like to find some free or low cost resources for additional help at home. Especially speech and language, spelling and math. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Oh and he...
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    Someone gave me ALOT of ACV. What do I do with it?

    I use it as a rinse on my hair before washing, I used to work for a lady who used it to wash her windows and dry with newspaper on the outside because the ink from the paper repelled dust. Also as fabric softener it works well. I was told to use it almost boiling as a weed killer but never had...
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    kind of recycling -latest sewing project

    This past summer I used puff paint to put a turtle on one under shirt and a rooster on another and bees on yet another. My son loved them and they were very cheap play shirts for home and camp.
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    '09-10 hunting season review...

    my sons catch
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    Random Question. Will a cat control rats?

    sorry i didnt read all the posts but.... outdoor cats who have been taught by their mothers are the best mousers. I would say in my opinion females are better but we've have more than males. And you may seriously consider that rat terrier, that is if you dont have very small children. We had...
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    Winter Storm deep is your snow?

    this is off the front porch at the breeze way door, luckily it didnt blow onto the porch or in front of the doors. and Ive got about another inch since then and getting a few more.
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    Value of knowing history in your area

    talk about more recent history, I was just saying to my gram the other day that someone is building a house in the hollow right on the bend of the creek that floods nearly every year. where they are building their house on the creek bank they will easily get 8 feet of water. Some people just...
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    favorit cheap dinner

    around here anything using vension from the freezer is a cheap meal. One new one I have been using a lot lately is chicken pot pie. It will feed 4 on one chicken breast. I use what ever veggies I have, potatoes blanched, can of cream of chicken soup, shred one cooked chicken breast and...
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    helping on the grocery bill

    I do that too with the company coupons. Especially if you buy a product that doesnt work, many times they will mail you a refund for the product. Did that with a laundry stain remover and got the money back. I also only do one major shopping trip a month, then you arent spending money on...
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    Any wisdom on cutting your own hair?

    Ok, advice from a former HAIR DRESSER. Dont so it unless you are only trimming off the littleist bit. Cut it wet and dont cut your bangs any shorter than your eye brows because they WILL shrink up. If you want to trim the length have someone else do it. Its really hard to see the back of...
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    York County PA- three soon to be homeless goats

    When are you moving? Id love to take the 2 pygmys but I dont have a pen for them yet. If I had some time to get one built I would be interested.