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    Tamlynn's journal that needs an interesting name -I'm a gramma -pics!

    A few months ago got a bee in my bonnet about having a clothesline. I have a tiny yard, but we have a nice wooden playset. I bought six screw eyes and put them into the playset below the monkey bars and from one corner to the other across the L shape of the playset. Got some thin nylon rope from...
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    CA drought

    Supposed to get rain in CA ths week! Hopefully it will rain on the farms, not just in LA.
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    CA drought

    I don't know if this has been a topic of conversation here, but the drought in CA is going to affect everyone. It is the worst drought in recorded history. Since half of all US grown fruits, nuts, and veggies come from CA, including 80-100% of many types of crops, the drought will affect produce...
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    Tamlynn's journal that needs an interesting name -I'm a gramma -pics!

    Hubby and i spent a good 6 hours on our community garden plot this weekend. It had been neglected for quite a while and the kids and i had been making progress, but we just needed a big push to get it planting ready. We finished pulling up the rest of the crabgrass, i know its never really all...
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    Looking Forward to Sharing and Learning

    Hello! Sounds like quite an adventure. Not many people experience that type of life anymore.
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    Tamlynn's journal that needs an interesting name -I'm a gramma -pics!

    Hello, my name is Tamlynn and its been 3 years since I posted! Im glad i got the link to this new site, looks good. I still live in LA, but trying to convince dh that he can retire early, REALLY early. He is reluctant because the most amazing miracle happened to us about a year and a half ago...
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    How many grind your own flour and where do you buy the grains?

    Look at all the yummy bread! I buy wheat from a LDS Family Home Storage Center. There is a center near me (Los Angeles), but there are many throughout the US and Canada. A 25 pound bag of either hard red or white wheat at a Storage Center is $11.45. Here is a map of the storage centers. You do...
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    Are posters here HAPPIER having few men in SS Forums?

    Most of the time I don't even notice if a poster is male or female. I do think that women tend to be more likely to post on forums that favor sharing of advice and personal experiences. And more likely to respond with personal information, not just facts. Like when my husband responds to an...
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    Tolerating/Explaining/Surviving in the "real world"

    Um, are you trying to ask a bunch of people who don't like being told what to do (us) how to tell other people what to do?
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    dwarf fruit trees...

    I've had good luck with dwarf citrus, both in large pots, like whiskey barrels, and in the ground in central AZ and SoCal. I currently have a dwarf Valencia orange and it produces about 100 lbs per year. My Bearss lime has only been in its pot 1 year and had a small crop already. I like Meyer or...
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    I need a housewarming gift for a newbie

    I think the bread and jam is a perfect gift. Chickens? not so much. It's more like a chore than a gift. Plus, BUY them a coop? Can your dh be my friend too?
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    Living a long healthy self-sufficient salt free lifestyle

    I like salt. :lol: But I make nearly everything from scratch, so I'm not getting hidden sodium. I know it when I put salt in my food.
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    Mason jar treasure find. A CAVE FULL!!

    Those are beautiful! What a find! I stopped a random stranger in her yard today and asked her if she canned. I thought I saw some jars in the back of her SUV as she was unloading her groceries. I was wrong. :( She was an 80yo old woman and was astounded that I would be so domestic.
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    Made 5 1/2 pints of raspberry jam on Saturday. Over Christmas vacation we made about 6 quarts of applesauce- a mixture of Fujis and golden delicious and about 4 pints of apple butter.
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    Canning for the first time

    I think the easiest things to can are jams. After that fruits like peaches, pears, cherries and tomatoes. Then applesauce, salsas, sauces and pickles. After you are good at those try a pressure canner and things like green beans, other veggies, soups, and meats. Ask around your neighborhood for...