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    I know it is a nasty habit, but I've taken up smoking :/

    I smoked a 13 pound briskit last friday and we will finally finish it up tomorrow. 13 pounds is a whole lot of briskit but it was oh so good
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    Burn salve recipie anyone?!

    Pure Theraputic grade lavender essential oil. My son had advanced 2nd degree burns on his foot and we had some silverdine burn cream and we mixed tons of lavender oil with it and 9 days after the burn happened he had a BB sized scab left with no scaring. His pediatrician told us that is the...
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    Wedding Cake Pic

    DW did know about the marshmallow fondant but has never made it. She also learned that you can flavor the store bought stuff to make it a little better to stomach but I still don't care for it. She actually took a fondant and gum paste class through Michael's craft store that is taught by a...
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    Wedding Cake Pic

    Emerald she would love to learn how to make homemade fondant. She can work with it but doesn't know how to make it. She made and worked with some modeling chocolate on a birthday cake this summer but that is just not the same as fondant.
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    Wedding Cake Pic

    A few weeks ago already I had posted pics in the "what are you dehydrating" thread of some hand-made edible maple leaves that my DW was making for a wedding cake. After all was said and done she made 150 leaves and used about 120 on the cake. The cake was a white cake with antique white butter...
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    Lymes Disease

    Thanks EarthWonderHerbals for that info and welcome to the group. I am sure you will be able to lend a great deal to the group. The Teasel root was discussed but she can have absolutely 0 alcohol with the antibiotics she is on so that puts a tincture out of the question. Is there a capsule form...
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    Lymes Disease

    DW was diagnosed with Lymes about a week ago. She is on antibiotics but is experiencing flare-ups. She wastold that the symptoms would most likely get worse before they get better. Has anyone been through this or know someone who has? I really need some advice or some type of home remedy help on...
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    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    I am dehydrating maple leaves :) You say what? My DW is making a one off three tiered wedding cake in 2 weeks with a fall theme. It will have over 100 hand made hand painted gum paste maple leaves and we found that the diluted gel coloring takes about 2 days to dry but just hours in the Excaliber.
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    $10 Challenge

    I also found that champagne yeast works the best for making homemade soda if your not a wine drinker.
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    Rescued a pup this past weekend.........

    SKR8PN you are awsome. When I was younger and had fewer kids and more time I had hounds. I have always been a big softy when it comes to black and tans. Of all the breeds I have hunted they were the smartest and had the most mellow disposition and would hunt anything I put them on. I think...
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    A new adventure!!! JAM MAKING!!!

    Good for you CJ. And yes like Free said you need to sign up so you don't have to do any more hijacking After I take a batch out of the canner DW and I sit in the other room and with fingers crossed count the pops until they all go off and then I breath. It sure is a good feeling to hear them...
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    the best most versitile value in a grain mill?

    I also would like to hear about the kitchenaid mixer attachment. I just bought a kitchenaid for DW and have been considering ther grainmill for it
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    Want to come back on this forum after almost two years!

    It should. It might just take a little more
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    Want to come back on this forum after almost two years!

    pour olive oil in your hands and rub it around like you are washing your hands. The oils dilutes the pepper oils and will help float it away from the skin. repeat it if you need to. Do not use water it will only spread teh pepper oil around and make it worse.
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    Hen's kefir and kombucha thread-is it ready??

    I am with you Betta, I have tried store bought kefir and can't wait to start my own. Free, that spindle and mushrooms should be there in the next couple of days. Let me know when you have some kefir grains to spare.