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    The Diary Of Hardly

    :yuckyuck I can't wait to see the video :pop
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    Aidenbaby's Anti-Suburban Sprawl

    :hugs Sorry your day was so tough, Aidenbaby. :hugs It will get better.
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    The Diary Of Hardly

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    Bee~ Journal of then...

    :lau You all are so funny!
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    Adventures of OkieAnnie's "homestead"

    Lordihams - I have 2 cucumbers growing! I hope they will make it to edible stage. We harvested our carrots because the greens hadn't grown in so long. They did not do as well as I thought. They were all soft and skinny. I think I may have chosen the wrong kind of seeds to plant and maybe...
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    Time for tea! The herbal teas, homegrown and wildcrafted....

    Thank you for the link with the chart. I have been wondering about making my own tea. Thank you Wifezilla for the info on the hibiscus. I love Celestial Seasonings teas. You all are so fantastic! I am right with you BBH . . learning with every thread!
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    :clap What Pioneer said. :clap :hugs You also have my prayers.
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    PamsPride's Journal-Free Kindle Downloads!

    :clap :thumbsup Way to go! and way to go to your mom, too! So fantastic!
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    The Diary Of Hardly

    Red, I am so sorry to hear that. I am sure that Hardly is sad as well, but he has to maintain his standards, even though they are mighty tough to meet! :lau
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    Adventures of OkieAnnie's "homestead"

    I started my day today with personal time out in the back of our property on a bench my hubby made during his week off last week. It was so fantastic. I could hear cows, lambs, all kinds of birds. It was so nice and cool and a small, gentle breeze was blowing through. Such a wonderful and...
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    The Diary Of Hardly

    I don't know how, but I missed this thread. I have read the whole thing now and I am sure that all my co-workers are a wonderin what is going on. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing :lau. . . :gig
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    Farmfresh City Homesteader - the sound of falling oaks.

    I was raised on fast food as well. My poor hubbie laughed so hard when I told him I was grossed out by meat on bones :gig He asked "where do you think it comes from?" Now, my mom brags about how well she cooks, but the only thing I ever remember her making was what I thought was home made...
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    Punkins' world....SUNSHINE, seeds and no more drought!

    I have cucumbers growing in my garden and I am so excited by the recipee, but being that I am very new to all this SS stuff, and have never canned or made cucumbers, can I ask a really silly question?? here it is . .after you slice the cucumbers and pour the water over them you let them stand...
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    Chickens at the State Fair . . ??

    We have 14 chickens (2 roos and 12 hens) and our kids were so excited about showing them at the State Fair in September. I went online to get the rules/regs and registration info and they are not listed! Last year in the agriculture building there were baby chicks and a bunch of chickens and...
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    I love the pics, thanks for sharing. :)